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Sacraments are cherished symbols of our Catholic faith. The first step to
engaging in sacraments is to contact the parish office at
sub17t9s8@verizon.net / 814-474-2605.
See desciptions for important detail about preparing for sacraments.

Jesus was baptized and taught his Apostles to do likewise. Through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as sons and daughters of God. We can’t wait to welcome your child into the life of Christ and our Church through Baptism.

Baptism classes take place during pregnancy. Contact the parish office as early as possible. We’ll share guidelines and process you’ll want to know before choosing godparents and in order to plan this wonderful family and parish sacramental celebration.


The sacrament of Reconciliation is about the mercy of Jesus Christ. Humbly confessing our sins reconciles us to God and restores us to his grace and intimate friendship. Reconciliation is offered Saturday 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM, or by appointment. Communal reconciliation services are also scheduled during Advent and Lent.


The Bible describes God’s plan for marriage as a grace for a happy life and sign of Christ’s faithful and fruitful love for the Church. We are excited for you to grow in this love and understanding.

This is one of the most exciting (and hectic) seasons in your life. Let us help you get ready for more than just the wedding day.

Eight-month preparation and membership in Holy Cross Parish are required. Either bride or groom can qualify.


The Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life. When we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, we grow deeper in communion with God and fellowship with one another.

We offer the Eucharist at all Masses and provide a preparation program for First Communion to children enrolled in our faith formation program.

If you’re an adult seeking to receive your First Communion or thinking about becoming Catholic, contact the parish office to take the next step in your faith journey.


In Confirmation, Christians receive a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit needed to grow as mature disciples of Christ in the life of the Church. We offer preparation for Confirmation as part of our Youth Faith Formation program.

If you're an adult looking to be confirmed or thinking about becoming Catholic, your next step is Faith Formation.


Jesus showed compassion toward the sick and suffering. The sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick extends God’s grace of spiritual strength, peace, and courage to overcome the difficulties that go with facing a serious health challenge or advanced age.

The sacrament of Anointing is offered upon request, and at weekend Masses at least once a year.


Since the time of the Apostles, Christ has personally called forth some men and women to dedicate their lives ministering to the People of God in the service of the Church as a priest or religious sister or brother.

To discuss or learn more about a vocation to the Catholic priesthood or religious life, visit the Diocese of Erie’s Vocations website.